Oslo, June 2015

For as long as I can remember, my interests have revolved around a mix of science, technology and art. I have done multiple projects, each building upon the other, but never dedicated to one discipline - rather I have been intent on exploring and expanding my understanding of art and the universe. My view on art at the present, is as an extension of the self. Remove the self, and the art piece is dead. As a consequence, I have removed all representation of my works from this site. My experiences are my own, as the experiences of my audience is theirs. I enjoy the feeling that every day, I wake up a new person. I like to think of my life as one of constant change, be it for better or worse. I want to engage in every project with a fresh mind, tabula rasa. As such, I have never submitted old work for public experience. I will add a few video links where I explain some of the works and presentations.
Endre Mathistad
Born in Oslo 1977
Graduated from high school in 1993
Dropped out of Fagerborg VGS 1994 (general education)
Finished a year of internship at Spillspesialisten Fantastico in 1995
Dropped out of Elvebakken VGS 1996 (arts)
Small arms weapons mechanic, rank of Corporal, Royal Norwegian Airforce 1997-1998
IT-Consultant Cinet FMC, 1999-2001
System Administrator, Riddlers Interactive 2001-2002
Self employed, 2004 - present (stage and film, lighting, scenography, props)
Graduated from Prosjektskolen, 2007 (arts, 1 year)
Graduated from Einar Granum Kunstfagskole 2011 (3-dimensional art, 2 year)
Bachelor of Fine Art from Oslo National Academy of Fine Art 2014